Basic Natural Hormone Treatment

20 Feb

A hormone with the same molecular composition of the hormones that our body produces is known as a naturally occurring hormone. This is the basis of most naturally occurring hormone supplements available, thou the prescribed drugs are not among them.

It was in the 1800's in which the synthetic drugs can get a patent when the active substances are naturally occurring. A substance that is naturally occurring that is discovered can be used, manufactured and released synthetically by some pharmaceutical organizations. Commercialization of this product will ensure the drug, and the substance organizations can establish synthetic hormones that are perfectly manifested in the manufacture of substances with synthetic reproductive hormones as the active component.

Nevertheless, when you compare the synthetic drugs to the free hormone that are present in the body, they completely differ in the molecular level. Our body may know these substances as foreign and will lead to destructive effects. A good example is the HRT or the hormone replacement treatment where the risks outweigh the advantages.

The reproductive hormones in women are estrogen and progesterone, and these are the ones used in natural hormones therapy. They are the ones required the reproductive hormone of women. In the first 12 days of the menstrual cycle, the estrogen is produced while progesterone is released when ovulation has been reached and will continue to increase after 12days. The two hormones will lower in levels within about 28days in case there is no conceiving, and i6 will commence the menstruation.

In case the cycle has no ovulation, there will be no progesterone that will be released, and this may occur to women that are in their thirties and forties, where hormonal imbalance would happen. Read more about core medical group.

If a woman has had a hysterectomy before, there will be surgical menopause and the same thing happens with little or no progesterone will be produced. Post-menopausal women will be affected by the same since their ovulation will stop to happen thus no progesterone is produced. Estrogen will be maintained throughout even at the menopausal stage. Learn more here:

The reproductive hormone in men is testosterone, and this is the natural hormone treatment that men get. Nevertheless, administration of this treatment needs medical supervision.

Many doctors recommend the use of natural hormones for NRT since it's a risk-free and safest therapy which makes use of hormones similar to those found within the body. Normally, the side effects are minor when compared to the synthetic drugs. You can get additional details by checking out this link:

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